5×5 – Five Lands for Five Workshops

During the summer, five photo workshops will be held in the Cinque Terre villages: our intention is to start from the Italian photographic tradition and arrive at a contemporary interpretation of the Cinque Terre, –  organizers say – an alternative to that of the postcard vision of mass tourism. Our perspective will be that of respect and rediscovery of a territory with its beauties and asperities, with its traditions and its changes.

Each workshop will start from a village and will take place along the paths that lead to the next, thanks to contacts in the territory who will guide us and allow the participating photographers to recount the people and landscapes that make the Cinque Terre unique.

Each workshop will be self-conclusive and will have a maximum of seven members.

During the first day we will talk about photography and design of a publishing work, in full relax mode. The invitation is to bring a swimsuit and towel: in the morning, on the beach, the bases will be laid for afternoon work, with professional photographers Jacopo Benassi, Moreno Carbone and Andrea Luporini.

During the second day the editing phase will begin, in the studio of Jacopo Benassi in La Spezia. Together with the photo editor Stefania Molteni, the photographs will be selected and laid out, which will compose a real book.



Riomaggiore – June 30th/July 1st

Manarola – July 7th/8th

Corniglia – July 28th/29th

Vernazza – August 25th/26th

Monterosso – September 8th/9th

For any informations: email andrealupos@libero.it o FB: Andrea Luporini

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