Sciacchetrail Pasta Party: good, healthy and typical

In its usual location by the sea in Piazza Belvedere, Monterosso, but in a brand new event tent – made available by the Convento dei Frati Cappuccini on the occasion of the celebration of 400 years – the now legendary Sciacchetrail Pasta Party, scheduled for March 24th 2018, will be open also to the companions of the runners and to the participants of Sciacchetrail Walk & Wine, an excursion organized by CAI La Spezia, from Vernazza to Monterosso, at the cost of 15 euro.

Chef Tarter,  Consorzio Cinque TerreProloco Monterosso, in collaboration with the local restaurants, present the abundant Menù:

Panissa with onions
Vegetable Pies offered by Dolciaria snc and Circolo Arci Ritrovarci a Canepari and Centro Sociale A. Bernardini
Monterosso anchovies with limone


Pasta or Lasagne al Pesto by Baicò
Seafood Pasta or Pasta with Tomato Sauce on request (gluten free pasta also available on request)

Stuffed mussels offered by Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Spezzini  prepared by local restaurants
Cuttlefish in Zimino with chard
Baked Monterosso Anchovies with potatoes (depending on availability of freshly caught fish)
Mixed vegetables

Fisherman’s bread offered by Baldassini with cream
Lemon torte
Castagnaccio (chestnut flour cake)
Cakes offered by Dolciaria snc and Circolo Arci Ritrovarci a Canepari e Centro Sociale A. Bernardini

Bottle with personalized labels designed by Helene Barraud and offered by Cantina Sassarini and Azienda Agricola A Scià for the gift bags of the 4th edition

Cinque Terre wine from Cantina Sassarini or Beer from Birrificio del Golfo 

Free for runners registered for Sciacchetrail (voucher in gift bag) / 15 euro for friends and family of runners or for participants of the CAI excursion Sciacchetrail Walk & Wine from Vernazza to Monterosso. 

Info and registration method for friends and parents of runners: write an email to 

Payment must be made directly at the counter of the pasta party the day of the race indicating the name of the athlete that made the reservation or the participant of the CAI excursion.

The organization reserves the right to make changes to the menu depending on the availability of fresh fish and raw materials.  A reservation does NOT guarantee a place to sit at the tables inside the event tent.

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