SciaccheTrail® 2016: Art. 9 Required Material (checkpoints along the course and/or at the start line)

By registering, every runner commits to carrying all of the mandatory material listed below throughout the entire race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or time penalty. Required materials will be checked at race bib pick-up. Random checks may be carried out during the race and immediately after crossing the finish line.
N.B. the area immediately next to the finish line will be cordoned off as a “closed zone”, and the athlete may be subject to control of material while in this zone.
– Backpack, vest or waistpack with capacity to hold required material listed below (disqualification)
– Telephone (enter the emergency number of the organization, do not block the number, and fully charge the battery) (disqualification)
– Minumum water reserve of 0.5 liter (30 minutes)
– Survival blanket (30 minutes)
– Whistle (10minuti)
– in case of extreme weather conditions the race direction will communicate via e-mail two days before the race the obligation of goretex or similar jacket and pants 3/4
Strongly recommended: 

– warm clothing in case of cold
– Adhesive elastic band suitable for strapping or making a bandage (minimum 80cm X 5 cm)
– container for drinking along the course
– cash for train ticket in case of suspension of the race
The use of poles is allowed.

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