ArTrail Cinque Terre: from emotional shock to art

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At Sciacchetrail, a painting competition dedicated to the elements of the Cinque Terre. A landscape of inspiration for artists and sensitive souls, in life as in sport.

by Hélène Barraud

Cinque Terre: from emotional shock to art

The Cinque Terre, with their unique landscape, have sparked the imagination of innumerable artists. The emotional shock of the villages constructed on rock, the tower houses built one upon the other, the rosettes on the facades of churches and the dry stone walls clinging to the cliffs, have been represented in art since the late nineteenth century with the romantic era.
They were exotic landscapes far from the city, silent and isolated.
Visions and poetic solicitations of the vertical landscape have guided the hand of many artists, from Telemaco Signorini to Lino Marzulli and inspired a part of the poetics of the artist Francesco Vaccarone, tied to the Cinque Terre by indelible memories from childhood.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, settled in Corniglia from 1967, responds to Marco Ferrari in his book “Vertical Sea” and presses him by asking: artistic creation has a secret in this piece of land and rock climbing from the sea? Freedom is fundamental for inspiration and here you breathe it, one feels more sincere, more pure, and certainly more authentic, this collectivity favors the commitment and the ethical dimension of the artist, a dimension that today seems nearly absent.

But freedom cannot be boundless, it must have moral rules.  Aesthetics alone is not useful, it functions only if  conjugated with ethics.  

Now these villages live with oblivious and superficial masses.  Commercial exploitation degrades its cultural and touristic role. 

ArTrail has the objective of concentrating the attention of the artist on the essence of this territory.

Air, Water, Earth and Fire: the 4 elements and theme of the 1st edition

The theme of Air, Water, Earth and Fire marks year zero of this event with the aspiration of regaining attention on the landscape, authenticity and freedom of expression.

From primordial elements to a regenerated ecosystem.  The land of vineyards, the earth under the soles of runners, the air and winds that lash the coast, the fire of the sun that burns the rock and the skin of winemakers, the water of the sea that isolates man from civilization.

The edition Year Zero of ArTrail wants to promote a landscape, wants to negate degradation, push awareness and sensitization on the themes of sustainability and respect for the environment.

A project that attempts to involve the greatest number of artists possible, and through their works, propose a new vision of the territory..

Not just landscapes, but color, origins and protest.  ArTrail will be a guest at Sciacchetrail 2018, scheduled from 23 to 25 March in Monterosso, with the ambition to be organized also in the coming years, in un sort of homage to the glorious  “Festa ai Pittori” (Painter’s Festival) of Manarola promoted by Dario Capellini in the 1960’s. In the footsteps of that historic event, the intention is to entrust the universal language of art with the task of interpreting and giving voice to the complexity of a landscape made by nature, man, and winemaking, which today is in grave crisis due to changing socioeconimic conditions.

As then, wine will be the coveted prize, an expression of an unconscious work of Land Art, created by a community of winemakers past and present.

The idea of ArTrail

The idea comes from Helene Barraud, artist and designer from Monterosso born in 1989, graduate of the Academy of Arts and New Technologies of Rome.  She currently resides in Busto Arsizio, where she has opened her Atelier.  Her art focuses on the essence of her hometown – TINY HOUSES, clusters of fishing boats, sophisticated watercolors that capture the most intimate details of her village.

Among her graphic design works, in 2014 she created the label for the wines of Azienda Agricola A Scià, in 2016 she wrote the “Guida Infografica delle Cinque Terre”, in 2017 she published a collection of watercolors and short poems “Hanging thoughts and hidden corners of the Cinque Terre” and in 2018 her designs will be on all of the wines of Cantina Sassarini.
Some of her paintings can be seen in the rooms of Affittacamere da Benedetta, others at affittacamere “A CA’ DA VANIGLIA”, and others are hanging on the walls of Cantina Sassarini.

The Exceptional Jury

Marzia Raggi (winemaker), Alessandra Gattino (writer), Massimiliano Alì (landscape architect), Mara Borzone (art critic), Francesco Vaccarone (artist), Giacomo Cappellini (winemaker).

ArTrail Brochure

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