Italian Association of Sommeliers at Sciacchetrail® 2016

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“Sciacchetrà, a wine that stirs emotions, reaching the soul and the sublime, a pure aesthetic state, an achievement of beauty through good.

Wines that owe their essence to the beauty of their places of origin, where the vineyard panoramas take your breath away, it is so for Sciacchetrà, spectacular scenery, where the grapevines are nourished by the sun, sea and stone, where the grapes healthily ripen and then slowly dry for long weeks in the shade. The art of waiting for the right moment and to grasp it. The concentration of natural components that transforms into the precious gold passito wine.
Running in this vertical land recalls the ancient values of hard work, rugged and steep lands, real men, generous and precious wines.”

Yvonne Riccobaldi, Italian Association of Sommeliers, Delegation of La Spezia

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