Birrificio del Golfo, authentic like Sciacchetrail


Sciacchetrail is a real trail race then, thanks to Birrificio del Golfo, a small craft brewery in La Spezia, and their special edition blonde beer dedicated to the event, perfect for sipping on after nearly 50 km of running on the trails of the Cinque Terre.


With its citrus and spicy notes Sciacchetrail Beer is just what you need because it produces a sort of rewind on the taste buds, recalling the aromas and liveliness of the Mediterranean landscape.


Birrificio del Golfo will be “pouring” all Sciacchetrail weekend at the Outdoor and Family Village in Monterosso, at the Pasta Party and in Piazza Garibaldi, to celebrate this fifth edition together.


Sciacchetrail and Birrificio del Golfo have been together since the first edition. A partnership based on affinity and shared values:

Birrificio del Golfo opened its doors in 2005, transforming a passion for the art of Anglo-Saxon brewing into the production of beer tied to the territory, similar to the English “Real Ales”. Our story is made of beer and passion for our land. Our project speaks of “craftmanship” and quality, an inseparable link that gives meaning to our work, always and only proposing something real.


All beers from Birrificio del Golfo are high fermentation, produced with malts made in England from the best English malthouses and hops in bloom from Kent and Suffolk counties.




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