COMPRESSPORT awards at Sciacchetrail® 2016

Compressport, leader in the compression garment industry, will award the top 10 men and top 10 women finishers of the second edition of the ultra trail on the wine trails of the Cinque Terre National Park. The first 3 men and 3 women will receive Compressport R2 compression sleeves.

Compressport R2 Race and Recovery is ideal for any sport, including running, cycling, trekking, golf and swimming. For use in training, during competitions or in the recovery phase.
The rest of the top ten will receive Compressport compression socks.
These sock help to improve blood circulation, facilitating venous return from the extremities to the heart.
When blood circulation is fluid, the blood receives a greater amount of oxygen and the muscular performance of athletes is greater for a longer period of time.
The compression used by Compressport is progressive and has the maximum point above the calf.
Using this garment, you will notice a muscular improvement and thus also improved performance in training and in competition.
They are also recommended for people who because of their professional activity must stand or move constantly for long periods during the day and have the sensation of having tired or overworked legs.
And naturally they are also ideal for people who travel frequently and experience swelling in the legs.
Compressport Full Legs socks have a lighter and more flexible fabric in the knee area that facilitates movement. They are perfect for recovery after intense workouts.
Compressport Full Socks are simultaneously socks and stockings. They offer special protection in the Achilles tendon area and are ideal for recovery after effort.
The Compressport fabric makes these garments the lightest and most breathable on the market.

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