In 2024 Sciacchetrail doubles: in addition to the classic 47 km, whose registrations are open from October 1st, the 100 km is added for which registrations are already sold out.

On Saturday, November 4th, the lottery will decide who will run the classic 47K.

(Manarola, ASD Cinque Terre Headquarters – 6 October 2023).

Since 2015 Sciacchetrail tells the territory of the Cinque Terre and its landscape with a 47 km race that has long reached a level of international attention with many athletes from all over the world who have been able to appreciate the characteristics of the route.

In 2024 Sciacchetrail will expand the story to include the important relationships with the hinterland, adding a longer version of about 100 kilometers with over 5000 m of positive altitude difference whose registrations, opened on October 1st, are already sold out in a few days.

Countries and communities with which the Cinque Terre have had continuous interactions and commercial and social exchanges for centuries, necessary for each other’s survival. A route that extends beyond the villages of the Cinque Terre and reaches the municipalities of Beverino, Bonassola, Levanto, Pignone, Riccò del Golfo and La Spezia.

The new route will have the same imprint as the classic route, a permanent circuit that leads those who travel it to know the territory, recognize themselves and immerse themselves in the millenary culture that has permeated these places, with its vineyard landscapes, olive groves, woods and waterways that have represented everyday life.

The route will be recognizable thanks to orange plates that will be present along the entire route.

Sciacchetrail is organized by ASD Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Trekking, in collaboration with Pro Loco Monterosso, Cinque Terre Consortium, In Manarola Consortium, Proloco Insieme per Biassa and the many sports associations of our territory.

For the event was recognized the patronage of the Cinque Terre National Park, the municipalities of Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore and Vernazza, as well as the municipalities of Beverino, Bonassola, Levanto, Pignone, Riccò del Golfo and La Spezia.