Costa Group prepares the event tent for Sciacchetrail® 2016

This year, thanks to the contribution of the Costa Group company, the event tent for the pasta party and for the food and wine zone with producers from the Cinque Terre, Valtellina, Langhe and Moscato d’Asti will be even more inviting and comfortable.

Costa Group has operated for over 35 years at the international level, only and exclusively for the purpose of furnishing and enhancing the world of food entertainment.
The company is young and constantly aimed at young people, in an environment which develops skill and competitiveness. An important detail is how the company values its staff, creating a team capable of taking on new challenges.
The Costa brothers continually turn to their young people and with young people continue to grow.
Curiosity and attention in respect to history are the foundations of Costa Group’s success.
The company operates in the green hinterland of Liguria, in a structure of over 12,000 square meters, with more than 100 employees and, with an elastic structure, manages to concurrently create more than 20 projects, to position in various continents.
All stages of production, from the concept to completion to assembly, are completed entirely by Costa Group technicians.
Costa Group has achieved a true technological center where various experts work, from carpentry to iron work, from resins to the marble laboratory to the glass department, all in harmony until the presentation of the final product to the client, before final delivery.
Annual revenue is around 24 million Euro, of which 50% is in export sales.
Completed projects to date exceed 6,000 worldwide.
Among the major clients Costa Group can count: Ferrero, Lindt, Barilla, Giovanni Rana, Fiat, Faucho, LaFayette, Autogrill, Gruppo Sebeto, Eataly, and many others.

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