Sciacchetrail 2017: run 47 km in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Italian National Commission for UNESCO renews it appreciation of Sciacchetrail, the trail running race through the vineyards of the Cinque Terre, granting patronage to the 2017 edition.
Sunday, April 2nd, 47 km, 2600 D+, with start and finish in Monterosso, passing through villages, sanctuaries, nature and typicalities.

For the second consecutive year the prestigious patronage confirms the importance of the event
“in consideration of the value of the initiative intended to raise awareness of the natural heritage through sport”, as written by Franco Bernabè, president of the National Commission, communicating to Alberto Andreotti, president of ASD Cinque Terre, the attribution of this recognition.
A motivation that fully captures the spirit of Sciacchetrail that, this year, will be the catalyst of outdoor activities directed not only at the runners but also their families and all lovers of sport and nature.

The village of Monterosso, starting from Saturday, April 1st, in addition to the usual tribute to wine, the landscape, and the winemakers of the Cinque Terre, with tastings on the square combined with a market of typical local products, will transform into a small outdoor village where you can experience, in the presence of expert instructors and technical materials provided by outdoor companies, disparate disciplines; from climbing to skateboarding, from nordic walking to rowing, passing to running, traditional games, hiking in collaboration with CAI La Spezia, and much more.
To sum up, a big festival involving hundreds of volunteers eager to share with participants an authentic experience with the community of the Cinque Terre and with the great heritage that they guard.

The event is organized by ASD Cinque Terre and Cinque Terre Trekking.


  1. Hello, I’m registered for the race and very much looking forward to it.
    However, I can’t find on the website what time the race begins?? And where do I collect the race bib, etc?
    Many thanks,

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