Photography: the runner’s faces part II Sciacchetrail® 2016

A runner’s face always has a great story to tell! Again this year photographer Davide Marcesini will provide his talent of capturing that unmistakable state of grace, that flash of joy, portrayed on the faces of the participants of Sciacchetrail. The emotions of “before and after the race” will be captured by the photographer through the staging of a traveling photographic studio in Monterosso, March 20, 2016: in the morning before the start at the “closed park” (starting at 5:45am) and then later at the finish line (from 10am until the end of the race).
We dedicate this beautiful gift to all Sciacchetrail athletes because we believe that each runner is an integral part of this project. The portraits will be published on the official Sciacchetrail website.

Davide Marcesini BIOGRAPHY
I started my relationship with photography watching my mother, the official artist of the house in charge of vacation photos. I soon borrowed the compact camera, filled with slides, for a vacation in the Dolomites: from that moment I felt like a photographer. An examination in History and Technique of Photography at the School of Architecture in Venice (never finished) did the rest. My official career began with a wedding and portrait studio. Meanwhile I began to publish landscape books. In 2005 I closed the studio to dedicate myself exclusively to industrial and landscape photography, with varies incursions in sport, sailing in particular, which I have followed professionally since 2008. For years I have been working on a long-term street photography project. I also write articles for various magazines and for books on technique. Since 2013 I have been a part of Nikon School. I have publish a dozen books and my images have appeared in magazines dedicated to landscape, design and sport. I teach photography permanently in Genoa and Sarzana in both public and private schools. I am not able to specialize, I don’t know what I will do what I grow up. I think the best talent of a photographer is a look of wonder about the world. And this does not depend on the chosen field. I wish for those who look at my images to stop and contemplate the beauty, even when in reality there does not appear to be anything of interest. The photographer is one who reveals things that do not seem to exist.
P.s. I love to juxtapose words and images, I’m not convinced that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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