The photographers of ENDUpix await you at the IV edizione of Sciacchetrail®

The adrenaline at the starting line, a grimace of pain, the smile at the finish line, a medal to clench between the teeth. Photographs remember and tell stories, and allow you to relive moments and emotions.
ENDUpix, will be a media partner of the IV edition of Sciacchetrail with their staff of photographers and an innovative service to immortalise each runner and share the photos in record time.

What is ENDUpix?

ENDUpix is a service available on the website or the app ENDU and allows automatic pairing of an image to the person photographed.

How does it work?

During the event:
Make certain that your race bib is fully visible during the entire race…and smile!

After the event:

Search for the event on the app or website and insert your ENDUpix code in the space provided. Within a few hours after the race you will receive your photos directly at your ENDU profile.

Where can you find your code?
It will be your bib number, near the two squares similar to a QRcode, so keep your bib after crossing the finish line!

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