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The adrenaline of the start, a grimace of fatigue, the smile at the finish line, a medal to bite.  The photos tell stories, letting you relive moments and emotions.
ENDUpix, for the second year, will be a media partner of Sciacchetrail with their staff of photographers and innovative service that immortalizes runners and shares photos in record time.

What is ENDUpix?

Endupix is a photographic service that allows athletes to be recognized through markers printed on their race bibs. Your photos will be available within hours of the event finish.
The Sciacchetrail 2019 digital photo package is provided by ENDUpix at the promotional price of € 22 instead of € 29,99.

Purchase it immediately at this Link and run Sciacchetrail with your race bib visible. 
Save your race bib. 

The PIN printed on the race bib is needed to access the photos. To avoid the risk of losing it, enter it immediately on the event page or photograph it with your phone.

During the event 

Make sure that your race bib is always visible on your front side for the entire duration of the event and then…smile!

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