Vetta Monte “le Croci” 726 mt.

After 2 years of Vertical to the “Hill of Three Crosses” (167 meters above sea level), that has piqued the interest of hundreds of vertical specialists and involved the small community of Manarola, it’s changing.

The Vertical is growing in both length and elevation (726 meters of elevation gain in 3 km).  It will no longer stop on the hillside above Manarola, but instead will continue up the “Donega” stairway to Volastra and then climb up the ridge of Monte “le Croci” on an offshoot trail of the recently recovered ex Trail 6a.

The finish is at the summit of Monte “le Croci” where on 1 January 2001 Ubaldo Crovara (AKA Giorgio) repositioned a large iron cross to protect the valley below.

The view from the summit repays the effort to reach it: the valley of Manarola (Volastra Groppo Manarola) below, to the left the Sanctuary of Montenero above Riomaggiore and to the right the gulf of the Cinque Terre and Punta Mesco.

For 2018 there will be an “edition zero” by invitation, still all very mysterious but given the constant requests we are organizing something memorable.


  1. WOW. SAREI ONORATA DI PARTECIPARE EDIZ ZERO …se non è già stata fatta.
    tite togni

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