La Sportiva supports Sciacchetrail® 2016

The partnership continues also this year between the Ultratrail on the trails of the Cinque Terre National Park and the outdoor clothing and footwear company from Trentino (scheduled for 20 March with start and finish in Monterosso al Mare): from the Dolomites to the Cinque Terre, patrimony of sport, landscape and high tech.

Luca Mich, Marketing & Communication Coordinator describes the affinity between Sciacchetrail e La Sportiva

Good morning, Sciacchetrail!

Also this year La Sportiva will be with you! Last year we had the privilege to be there physically. To host us was a low blow on your part because one falls in love with places like this without restraint. With certain things it is one thing to hear about them but quite another to live them! A year ago at this time we were betting on your idea to recount the story of the Cinque Terre with a trail race. Bet is the right word because Sciacchetrail was in its first edition, with all of the uncertainties that this entails. We did it because we immediately loved your idea, even though the Cinque Terre are on the sea, it is a sea of mountains. Mountains that speak our same language. Mountains because the territory is steep in a severe way. Mountains because it requires effort to live and at the same time requires love from those who live here, otherwise it will collapse or close in on itself and not give anything else.
We fell in love because Sciacchetrail is “not just a race.

The day before the race you could already feel that it would be a special event. The air was full of the right ingredients: enthusiasm and joy, but also great excitement and just the right amount of panic. No discouragement or hand-wringing. In fact, the next day we saw a wonderful trail. A unique territory, beautiful faces of those who crossed the finish line, special volunteers, special organization, special pasta party that someone had likened to a wedding banquet.

It’s not for the post-race food that one runs a trail race, but as in many of the best situations in life, you can’t not end up with your feet under the table to share the pleasure of what you’re doing with others. It is much more than just nourishment for the body to compensate for the effort. It is a celebration, a reward for the soul and to reward oneself together with others. And the celebration continued in the days and months following, with the large numbers of posts on social media where people shared their race, their joy and their effort. About soul, there are few events that have it and many others that don’t, regardless of their success. Sciacchetrail has it. It is not easy to explain, it can only be perceived, at times even unknowingly. It arises only when the passion and motivation of who gives life to an event is very high. The beauty of the course and the perfection of the organization are not enough.

That said and thinking to the second edition, how could we not be there? Sciacchetrail is an event that communicates a lot even if it can never accommodate a large number of participants. Communication is a key aspect for us. To have among the registered athletes runners from 16 different nations, and not all European, one must know how to communicate. We will be there because we want to convey our passions together with you. You do it offering your territory to the runners and involving those who are in harmony with it because they cultivate it, we produce what is needed to travel it in safety for sport, for fun or for work.

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