Letter to the trail runners

Dear trail runners,

a week has passed since the Sciacchetrail took place and each of you will remember at what point of the race he was at this moment last Saturday.

During the week we received a lot of compliments, obviously very welcome, which push us to go on and do better and better.

Your appreciation provides us with confirmation that the synergy of the organizers, volunteers, local authorities and administrations, associations, law enforcement agencies, VVFF, 118, mountain rescue, etc. has worked well.

Now, however, it is right to renew to you trail runners the compliments, first of all, sports congratulations for having faced a long and difficult race, which starts with the cool but then when the energies begin to run low the sun comes, the heat arrives and the high steps arrive and all different from each other!

Just as last year you were ordered to accept the dutiful decision to suspend the race due to extraordinary weather conditions, so this year you were correct, disciplined, polite and respectful of the regulations.

Those who had to withdraw did so in an orderly manner, in Manarola some checks were made on the mandatory material, to those who seemed to travel light, and no irregularities were detected.

It was nice to see our race and our territory appreciated by all of you.

These thanks to you runners are due and not a promotional spot for Sciacchetrail, which as you know every year exceeds the two thousand prescribed and indeed we are sorry to start only a small part of those who would like to participate in the race, but these are the limits of our ancient slender paths, the limits of our territory that we respect, we protect and of which we are in love!

Thanks to all of you trail runners

Fabio Riccobaldi

Sciacchetrail Team

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