LIZARD® prizes at Sciacchetrail®

The name Lizard was chosen in 1992 because it best reflects the characteristics of the product: light, fast, and sure-footed on any type of terrain.

Here at Lizard we are a group of people who love the outdoor life and from the beginning we have invested our energy in the production of the best footwear for natural walking.

Shoes and sandals to accompany you everywhere, for walking in the mountains, traveling or on a boat.

Flexible, light and low profile, they do not interfere with the natural movement of the foot.

We are proud to sponsor SciaccheTrail because we, too, are lovers of the outdoors and of its rediscovery in a sustainable way.

The model FLING has been chosen as the prize for Sciacchetrail

Lizard technology for an outdoor flip-flop.

Upper: strap with Velcro adjustment.
Footbed: Quick Dry.
Sole: Tokyo, Lizard Grip.

Weight (EU size 41): 230 g

Heel: 0 mm

Other models made by Lizard

Leaf Evo

Leaf breaks the mold and defines a new shoe concept.  Comfortable, flexible, breathable, compactable and versatile.

So comfortable and elegant, Leaf is the perfect shoe for active people who have to juggle the commitments of everyday life.  With Leaf you can easily move from the office to the bar, to the park with the children or directly to the forest to relieve the stress of the day.

The anatomical and wide shape allows the toes to spread naturally without constraints. Leaf assures maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

Leaf is also the ideal shoe for climbers. Its soft and comfortable upper allows for a quick fit and pampers your feet when you change from your climbing shoes.

The design makes it perfect for travel. Light and not bulky, Leaf easily fits in a suitcase or backpack, taking up little space.

Bat II

Running Sandal

Explore the pleasure of natural running with us, with maximum sensibility and stability.

Upper: Lizard exclusive with Quick-Fit closure system.
Footbed: Outdoor Performance.
Sole: Bat ProtectiveVibram Boulder in Sticky mix with self-cleaning design for maximum grip on all types of terrain. .

Weight (EU size 41): 195 g
Heel: 0 mm


An innovative sandal that provides minimal protection as if barefoot, but protected.
The simple upper is practically invisible and extremely functional and secure.  Constructed with an elastic cord, it follows the movement of the foot maintaining the sole adherent to it. Excellent grip.
Thanks to the practical case, you can always carry them with you.  Flat or rolled up they occupy little space and can fit into any suitcase or bag.  Ideal for travelers and anyone who wants a comfortable pair of sandals always at hand.

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