Sciacchetrail® medals: chestnut that tells a story

Medal 2018

For the ancients, chestnuts represented the connection between heaven and earth, the cosmic mediator between the physical and spiritual world.

For Sciacchetrail it is the symbol of our link with our ancestral rural community. With its fruit they feed themselves and with its wood they found infinite uses: the most important being its use in the vineyards.

Well, from these same chestnut logs, exposed for years to sun and salt air, a new use has been created in the medals for Sciacchetrail, made by hand, one by one, by Nicola and Christine of Cinque Terre Trekking.

Do not be misled by its worn appearance, much care went into each piece, because each one will go to pay the gratitute of a whole territory to the runners of this 4th edition.

For every finisher who takes on the challenge and travels through the beauty of the wine trails of the Cinque Terre, poised between the sea and sky.

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