On the Trail to Sciacchetrail – Marco De Gasperi

Marco De Gasperi is running Sciacchetrail!!


🇺🇸We started dreaming about organizing a race in the Cinque Terre back in 2013.
Then, a chance meeting between a local winemaker and one of Italy’s greatest athletes led to a phone conversation that changed everything. Mountain running legend and Scarpa trail running brand manager Marco De Gasperi @dega1977 encouraged us to follow our dream and the rest is history. The 6-time World Mountain Running Champion with a long list of race wins and FKT’s ran the final half of Sciacchetrail in a relay at the inaugural race in 2015, and this year he’ll be running the entire race.

📷 Team Scarpa
🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽”On the trail to Sciacchetrail”…2 April 2022

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