Sciacchetrail Course 2019

Given the continued closure by ordinance of Trail N. 531 “Beccara”, the passage through Riomaggiore will be assured using Trail N. 501 to exit the village and then connect to Corniolo with “Irta” trail.

Download the safety plan – updated 01 March 2019

Course modification 19 February 2019 due to continued closure of Trail N.531 “Beccara”

46 km
over 2300m + elevation gain

Download Road Book (21 February 2019)

Gate: Telegrafo 12:30PM – Manarola 2:30PM

Download track in .gpx

The start will be in Piazza Garibaldi, in the historic center of Monterosso.  After passing along the seafront, the first ascent climbs the promontory of Punta Mesco, with a dominating view over the gulf of the Cinque Terre.  A stretch of “up and down” single track leads to “Colle di Gritta” with views of the coastline to the southeast and also toward Levanto to the northwest.  After leaving “Colle di Gritta” pass the restaurant and cross the provincial road.  After about 300 meters turn left onto Trail N. 591C. Ascend Trail N. 591C until the intersection with Trail AV5T. Turn right onto Trail AV5T. Continue until the provincial road, then cross the road and turn right. After about 100 meters, turn left on Trail N. 582, a narrow and irregular single track, which descends to the next sanctuary, Reggio.   In the Reggio church square stands one of the oldest cypress trees in Liguria. From Reggio the course climbs, via Drignana, to the Alta Via (high path) of the Cinque Terre.  The “Alta Via” reaches the highest point along the SciaccheTrail course, Monte Malpertuso, at 750 metres above sea level, and continues on to “Colle del Telegrafo”, the furthest point west on the course.  From here the course descends on SVA/593 to Riomaggiore via Lìmen  and the Sanctuary of Montenero. From Riomaggiore castle, follow Trail 501 up to the provincial road, turn left on the bridge, and at Campertone parking area go up “Irta”- path to Corniolo Hill. Turn right on Trail N. 532 then left on Trail N. 532C to the hamlet of Groppo, and inside the Cantina Cinque Terre, where the course passes alongside the steel wine barrels and modern winemaking machinery for the production of Sciacchetra’.  From here the course descends to Manarola, the second village of the Cinque Terre.  Another steep stairway, then single track, leads through terraced vineyards, then on to an old mule track bordered by olive groves, to the hamlet of Volastra and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health.  This is the area with the highest concentration of cultivated vineyards, which best describes the Cinque Terre.  From Volastra, a single track through the vineyards over the sea leads to Corniglia, the 3rd village of the Cinque Terre. From Corniglia the course follows the coastal “blue trail” through Vernazza, the 4th Cinque Terre village, and on to the finish line of the SciaccheTrail in Monterosso al Mare, the final village.