Pesto in the Piazza at Monterosso, awaiting Sciacchetrail®

Sunday 18 March, at 11:00am, piazza Belvedere – SIGN and PESTLE to support the candidacy of pesto by mortar as a UNESCO world heritage

by Elena Gasparini – The Municipality of Monterosso al Mare, with the intent of safeguarding  traditional Ligurian cuisine, supports Pesto by Mortar as a UNESCO World Heritage candidate.

Moving in this direction our municipality has joined the day dedicated to PESTO in PIAZZA that will take place on Sunday 18 March in piazza Garibaldi and piazza Belvedere at 11:00am, simultaneously with 80 other ligurian municipalities wanting to protect and enhance the production of PESTO.

Sunday 18 March, all of Liguria will be united in one unmistakable flavor: the streets and squares will be inundated by the scent of basil, the color green will be the protagonist of a day in which the culture and traditions of our territory will be exalted.
During the event, sponsored by the Region of Liguria, gadgets will be distributed and all of the ingredients will be provided.
The participants need only bring a MORTAR and PESTLE, and the desire to have fun! 

The event is open to everyone, especially children and teenagers, who will take the field and try their hand at traditional pesto preparation.  

PESTO therefore will be the common thread that will unite the entire region, with shop windows decorated in theme and dedicated menus in restaurants.

In this context, it will be possible to support the candidacy of PESTO as a UNESCO world heritage, simply by signing the signature book that will then be delivered to the Region. 

Culinary traditions help to keep our identity and culture alive, so for this it is fundamental to preserve them and pass them down from generation to generation, with pride of our origins and our cuisine that is well-known and appreciated all over the world.

Participate and become a protagonist! 


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