Take the best grapes of the bosco, albarola and vermentino varieties, grown in the areas best suited for their production, which in the case of the Cinque Terre usually coincides with impervious places accessible only on foot.
Leave these precious bunches to dry for about 40 days (some hang them, others spread them on mesh, the technique varies from winemaker to winemaker but the painstaking care is the same).
Wait at least 2 years and finally this creature will be ready to take the most prestigious name: Sciacchetrà, the passito wine that graces the tables of kings.

Dedicated to this extraordinary symbol of our landscape is the first ultratrail of the Park, Sciacchetrail, that has among its patrons the Consortium for the protection of this passito wine produced in small quantities in the Cinque Terre.

The Consortium Cinque Terre Sciachetrà that brings together fifteen local producers of this choice wine made from a complex process of harvesting and production, will be in the main square in Monterosso with its members during the sporting event (28 and 29 March 2015).

The aim is to introduce Sciacchetrà to a wider market – to confirm this is Consortium president Bartolomeo Lercari – For this – continues “Cheo”,  his nickname in his beloved Vernazza – we immediately embraced the idea of an ultratrail, an international event that can speak the universal language of sport.  And not just any sport, but a discipline intimately tied to the uniqueness of the landscape, to the protection of the land it crosses, as is trail running.  Often, in fact, one identifies the Cinque Terre only as a tourist destination, forgetting that its most profound essence is that of a land of wine.

No trophies for the category winners of the race but instead a true gesture of gratitude:  precious bottles of Sciacchetrà.

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