Quality and typicality at the Sciacchetrail 2017 Pasta Party

The menu for the 3rd edition of the Sciacchetrail pasta party will not betray the expectations of good local food made with quality ingredients.

At the usual seaside location in the event tent located in Piazza Belvedere, Monterosso, the pasta party will be open also to friends and family of the athletes and participants of the CAI excursion Sciacchetrail Walk & Wine from Vernazza to Monterosso at a special price (15 euro per person)

Chef Tarter, the ladies of Consorzio Cinque Terre and Proloco Monterosso, in collaboration with food supplier GF1,  and the restaurants of the village, present the abundant Menu:

  • Pasta or Lasagne al Pesto “Baico”
  • Pasta with Mussels offered by Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Spezzini
  • Pan roasted anchovies of Monterosso with potatoes
  • Rice and vegetable pies from Dolciaria snc
  • Cakes by Baldassini
  • Panizza of chick pea flour
  • Water
  • Cinque Terre Wine from Cantina Sassarini or Beer from Birrificio del Golfo

Free for registered Sciacchetrail runners (coupon in the gift bag) /15 euro for friends and family of runners and for participants of the CAI excursion from Vernazza to Monterosso

Registration procedure for friends and family of runners and CAI excursionists: write an email to pastaparty@sciacchetrail.com indicating the name of the athlete and the number of additional people. Examlpe: Mario Rossi + 4

Payment must be made at the pasta party the day of the race indicating the name of the athlete who made the reservation or the participant of the CAI excursion.

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