Regulations 100K 2024

Regulations 100K 22nd March 2024

The association Polisportiva Cinque Terre (a non-profit amateur sports association) organizes the Sciacchetrail 100 Km trail running race.

“100 km between Sea, Mountains and Silence.”

Sciacchetrail 100 is a foot race in a natural environment, which runs along the trails of the Cinque Terre National Park  and surrounding area (in the municipalities of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Monterosso al Mare, Levanto, Bonassola, Pignone, Beverino and Ricco’ del Golfo) starting in the municipality of Riomaggiore and finishing in the municipality of Monterosso al Mare.
The race is approximately 103 km with a positive elevation gain of 5,000 meters, starting at midnight on Friday, March 23, 2024.
The race takes place in a single stage, with a time limit of 26 hours, in semi-self-sufficiency.

Semi-self-sufficiency is defined as the participant’s ability to cover, with all mandatory equipment, the trail between the start and the first aid station, from each of the successive aid stations to the following one, and between the last aid station and the finish.

5% EE-rated trail, 5% asphalt/tarmac, 90% trail.

Athletes should be aware that no logistical support will be provided to them by the organization outside of the designated points and that participation in such a demanding race is decided upon by each athlete after a personal assessment of psycho-physical abilities and training. It should be noted that, given the length of the course and the distribution along the route that athletes may have after a few hours of the race, even in case of inability to continue, it is of paramount importance to use the mandatory equipment.

Accurate knowledge of a mountain race in all of its aspects is necessary:

Ability to sustain prolonged effort and in rugged terrain possibly even in adverse weather conditions;
Ability to manage sleep and running at night times;
Ability to read GPS instrument and orientation in the mountains even at night and in adverse weather conditions.

Participation in this event indicates unreserved acceptance of these rules and ethics of the race, and the “trail manifesto,” published by the organization, available at

The Sciacchetrail 100K race takes place largely on mountain trails, some for experienced hikers, so it is essential for the participant to:

Have completed an ITRA coefficient 4 (or higher) race in the years 2022, 2023 or 2024 or alternatively achieve a mandatory minimum score of 100

Achieving a mandatory minimum score;

To be eligible to participate in SciaccheccheTrail 100k 2024 one must in the years 2022, 2023, 2024 (obviously before March 22, 2024) have completed within the time limit a qualifying Trail race.

A qualifying trail race is considered a race allotting 100 points. The score of 100 is the result of the algebraic sum of kilometers and elevation gain expressed in hundreds of meters.

As an example, SciaccheTrail 100K with its 103km and an elevation gain of 5000 meters allots 153 points (103+50=153).

On the registration module each athlete must provide the name of their qualifying race, the distance in km., the elevation gain in meters and their own placement in the race.

  • be fully aware of the length and difficulty of the route;
  • have confidence of pace in a mountain environment;
  • be prepared with adequate training in order to face the race with personal autonomy, without help, having considerable self-knowledge and a real ability to overcome any abruptly changing and adverse weather conditions such as rain, cold, wind, fog, heat.
  • be able to handle physical problems caused by muscle and joint fatigue, problems related to digestion, mental and psychological problems, minor injuries.
  • know that his/her safety depends mainly on his/her own adaptability and endurance
  • be aware that the organization’s role is not that of a rescue company.

This race is open to all persons, who are 22 years of age or older at the time of registration, whether on a team or not.
Entries will not be accepted from athletes who are serving doping disqualifications in any discipline.

This race includes complex passages, and conditions can be difficult at times. No mountaineering difficulties are expected; there are very short sections along the route defined, by CAI nomenclature, as being for “experienced hikers” (EE). Careful training and a real capacity for personal autonomy are essential to succeed at this individual event.

The maximum number of starters is set at 50, included elite athletes invited by the organization.

A sports medical certificate for competitive activity (valid for athletics) expiring no earlier than March 22, 2024 is MANDATORY.  For foreigners not residents in Italy, the form to be filled out can be downloaded here.

False statements will result in forfeiture of registration and full forfeiture of any registration fee paid.

Here is the link for registration: ENDU Online Enrollment.

Registration will open on September 15, 2023 and close on March 7, 2024.

The cost of registration is 150€.

The registration payment includes:

for the athlete: all the services described in these regulations, the race packet, the pasta party at the finish, all assistance, refueling during the race, transport of the drop bag to the life base and back to the finish.  Parking costs, and return transport to the finish area in Monterosso in the event of withdrawl is not included).

for the pacer: a pacer race pack, pasta party at the finish, all support, refreshments. Parking and transportation is not included.

It does NOT include anything for the support team, which can, however, access the life base to support the athlete

The organization reserves the right to invite athletes to the competition who do not have the mandatory minimum score and in excess of the 50 available places.

In case of cancellation of the competition due to force majeure, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.

Reimbursement will be granted only in case of injury in the amount of 50% of the registration fee, providing adequate medical documentation and in any case up to 15 days before the race.

Cancellations in the last 15 days, for any reason, will not be entitled to a refund.

There is no refund for the person who, having registered without the mandatory minimum score of 100, fails to achieve it prior to the race.

There is no possibility of substitution/resubmission of registration for any reason.

Bib and race packet pickup will take place at the marquee in Tina Anselmi Square on the waterfront of the City of Monterosso, (for organizational reasons):
Friday, March 22, 2024:
10 a.m. – 8 p.m. bib and race packet pickup

Each bib is remitted individually to each competitor upon presentation of a photo ID or to a third person with an appropriate proxy written on the back of photocopy of the delegating person’s ID. The bib must be worn on the chest or belly and be made visible at all times in its entirety throughout the race. It must therefore be placed on top of all clothing and under no circumstances fixed anywhere else.

Please note.
– The chip will be delivered at bib pickup.
– Failure to use or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time taken. NO CHIP NO TIME
– When collecting the race bib and chip, check that both match as a number
– Regarding the use of the chip, it is recommended to strictly follow the procedures and information included in the package.
– The chip is strictly personal and cannot be exchanged.
– The chip must be returned to the pits in the finish area to the designated staff, even for withdrawn or non-starting athletes. At the time of return, the €10 deposit will be returned.
– Before the start each runner must compulsorily pass through the entrance gates to the closed start area to get registered.
– When passing through a control point and at the finish, the runner must ensure that he/she has been properly registered. Punching is essential because the tally between two successive controls makes it possible to ascertain that there are no missing runners.
– In case of failure to register the passage and the subsequent initiation of the runner’s search, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner. The bib is the pass-pass needed to access the shuttles, buses, refueling areas, treatment and rest rooms, and showers.

By registering, each runner signs a commitment to carry all the mandatory equipment listed below throughout the race, under penalty of disqualification or chronometric penalty. Spot checks may be conducted during the race and immediately after crossing the finish line.
N.B. the area immediately following the finish line will be cordoned off and referred to as the “parc fermé,” as long as the athlete has not left said area he/she may be subject to material control.

– Backpack or fanny pack that may contain the material listed below (disqualification)
– Phone (enter the organization’s rescue number, +39 3534651015, do not mask the number and do not forget to start with a charged battery) (disqualification)
– Minimum 1 liter water reserve (30minutes)
– Survival blanket (30minutes)
– Whistle (10minutes)

– in case of prohibitive weather conditions the race direction reserves the right to notify by email two days before the race the obligation of goretex jacket or similar and 3/4 pants

– headlamp with spare batteries, alternatively two headlamps with batteries

– to reduce waste production, disposable tableware (cutlery, glasses, plates and bowls) will not be distributed at refreshment stations and life bases

– energy bars or solid foods

Running accompanied by the dog is prohibited, under penalty of disqualification.

Strongly recommended:

– Watch or smart phone app able to follow race gpx track
– Warm clothing essential during expected cold weather
– Elastic adhesive bandage suitable for bandaging or strapping
– Drinking receptacle along the route
– Cash for possible purchase of train ticket in case the competition is interrupted
The use of poles is allowed.

Competitors must report for bib punching at the timekeepers’ booth set up near the starting line,in RIOMAGGIORE by:
– 23.30 (start time 24.00)

At each hill or point in altitude or at each water point, a rescue call post is established. These posts are connected by radio or telephone with the race direction. There will be ambulances, civil defense doctors and men from the special corps of public assistance and mountain rescue on the ground. The rescue posts are intended to bring assistance to all persons in danger by the organization’s own means or through contracted bodies. Medical officers are empowered to suspend competitors deemed unfit to continue the race. Rescue workers are empowered to evacuate by all means at their convenience runners judged to be in danger. In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the best interest of the person rescued, only and exclusively in the judgment of the organization, the official mountain rescue will be called upon, who will take over the direction of operations and put in place all appropriate means, including a helicopter. A runner who appeals to a doctor or rescuer effectively submits to his or her authority and agrees to abide by his or her decisions. Trails and roads included in the race route will not be entirely closed to passage.

Any expenses arising from the use of rescue means are the responsibility of the person rescued, as are those for his or her return from the place where he or she was hospitalized. It is advisable to take out appropriate insurance policy to cover especially the costs of rescue and recovery by helicopter.

Any runner in distress will be able to call for rescue:

by showing up at an aid station or refreshment stations
by calling the rescue numbers imprinted on the bib
by asking another runner (or pacer) to alert the aid station

Each runner must render assistance to all persons in distress and notify the aid stations.

In case of abandonment of the race along the route, the runner is obliged, as soon as he/she has a chance, to go to the nearest checkpoint, report his/her abandonment by getting registered, communicate it via whatsapp or by calling the organization at the number indicated on the bib and hand over the bib. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the subsequent initiation of the runner’s search, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner.
Conditions can be very difficult (wind, cold, fog and rain), the temperature can vary from +20 degrees to 5 degrees. Therefore, good physical preparation, thorough training, real ability of personal autonomy, knowledge of the mountains and utmost caution are essential. It is mandatory as indicated in registration to have already participated in other trails before this race.

The maximum time limit for the test, for the entire route, is set at 26 hours. The maximum start times (time gates), from the main checkpoints will be redefined and recommunicated in the updated Road Book.

There are currently 3 time gates, under penalty of being precluded from continuing:

Levanto at Km. 33 cut-off time 8:30 (AM) (exit)

Ricco’ del Golfo at Km. 70 cut-off time 5:40 (PM) (exit)

Manarola at Km. 92 cut-off time 11:15 (PM) (exit)

These barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish in the maximum time imposed, while still making any stops (rest, meals,…). In order to be allowed to continue the trial, competitors must restart from the checkpoint before the set time limit.
Otherwise they will be disqualified, and the bib withdrawn. Any competitor who wishes to continue without a bib out of the race will do so assuming all responsibility for any consequences that may result. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the current trial, delay the start, vary the route or change the time barriers.
N.B. “The broom” being a full part of the race direction has full authority to stop an athlete at any time, even not at a “time gate.”

The race is held with water-food assistance.
Refreshments will be indicated in the safety plan and route map, which can be downloaded at this link.

Volastra (water point)
Levanto (Hourly gate)
Colle di Gritta (water point)
Ricco’ del Golfo (Life base – Hourly gate)
Manarola (Hourly gate)

Athletes must throw in the special containers provided at the refreshment stations, trash, gels, bars, etc.
Anyone caught throwing anything outside the appropriate containers will be disqualified.

The road book, in its most up-to-date edition, will be available on the organization’s website. Competitors are invited to download and print it. In it will be practical information such as checkpoint closing times, route description, and coordinates. Any updates to the road book will be posted on the website. No copies of the road book will be given with the bibs to the competitors.

The Sciacchetrail route in the sections included SVA (Corniglia-Vernazza-Monterosso) and trail 586 is scheduled to be banned to NON-race participants on March 23, 2024.

Controls / Life Bases / Pacer / Runners Bag


Control mats will be set up along the route (where this is not possible the control will be done with an application provided by the timing company) to indicate the position of each runner and to project their expected arrival time at the following aid station.


Along the route there will be 1 Life Base providing food and refreshments, and equipped with cots for resting.

The Life Base is also a timing checkpoint. Each runner is obliged to verify that he/she is properly registered both on entry and exit. Failure to detect passing at the Life Base will result in disqualification.

The Life Base is indicated in the road book and is located at :

Ricco’ del Golfo at Km. 70

It is strictly forbidden to sleep in structures/resorts/vehicles outside the points controlled by the organization.


Accompaniment in the race in the first 70 km is prohibited.

Starting from the Life Base in Ricco’ del Golfo, at km. 70, to the finish line in Monterosso al Mare, athletes may be accompanied by a pacer. Athletes must communicate the use of a pacer, either during registration or later but by the close of registration and by email to, a maximum of two “pacer bibs” will be provided per competitor (with numbering that corresponds to that of the athlete). The pacer will be able to use all the services dedicated to athletes from the Life Base in Ricco’ del Golfo to the finish line.

For runners with 2 pacers, one pacer can substitute the other in the final 30 kilometers.  The two pacers CANNOT both accompany their runner at the same time.

Each pacer must pick up their bib and sign the release form at bib pickup in Monterosso (on Friday).

Pacers must be at least 18 years of age as of March 22, 2024.

Pacers are advised that they have valid individual insurance that covers risks for accident/illness/R.C. and also covers search and rescue expenses in Italy.

In any case, the pacer, whether or not he or she is in possession of any kind of insurance, fully exonerates the organization from any liability, direct or indirect.

Medical certificate for competitive activity is required for the pacer.

Pacers must enter and leave each refreshment station with their runner and must clearly identify themselves to the refreshment station staff by displaying their Pacer bib.

Pacers may assist their runner with bottle filling or refueling at the refreshment stations, but may not enter the refreshment station before their runner, or leave after their runner. Pacers may bring their own supplies and food.

Pacers may not bring water, food, flashlights, shoes, clothes or other supplies for their runner or provide any other kind of mechanical or physical assistance to their runner on the course, as the accompaniment is psychological and mental, not physical.

If a runner withdraws from the race his pacer cannot continue alone or with another runner.

Runner Drop Bags

At the distribution of bibs, each runner is given a bag for the materials necessary for the safe running of the race, which will be transported by the organization, to the Life Base in Ricco’ del Golfo.

The race organization will transport the drop bags from the start to the Life Base, and from the Life Base to the finish.

The runner is obliged to personally pick up the bag at the entrance of the Life Base and personally return it at the exit to the bag pick-up volunteers.

If the runner withdraws, the bag will be taken to the finish line in Monterosso al Mare, where it can be collected upon presentation of the bib.

It is not possible to ensure that, in cases of withdrawal or at the arrival of the runner, the runner’s bags will be already available in Monterosso al Mare.

Bags with items attached externally will not be accepted. It is recommended to not put fragile or valuable objects in the bag, and it is prohibited to put perishable items in the bag. The organization does not assume responsibility for any items lost or damaged during transport.

Competitors are expected to behave in a way that respects the environment of the Cinque Terre National Park, in particular by avoiding the following: littering, picking flowers or harassing wildlife. Anyone caught littering along the route will be disqualified from the race and will incur any penalties under municipal regulations.

The organization reserves the right to change the route or the location of aid and refreshment posts at any time, without prior notice. In case of unfavorable weather conditions (storms with significant amounts of rain and/or snow, risk of thunderstorms) the start may be postponed; beyond a certain time of postponement, set by the Race Director, the race will be cancelled.

The organizers take out liability insurance for the entire period of the race. Participation takes place under the full responsibility of the runners, who waive any recourse against the organizers in case of damages and further consequences that arise as a result of the race. At the time of online registration, each runner must sign a liability release.

Only runners who reach the finish line in Monterosso and register at the finish line within the maximum time declared by the organization (24 hours) will be included in the ranking. No prize money will be distributed. Each runner who reaches the finish line (within the maximum time) will be given a “finisher” award. An overall ranking and a men’s and women’s ranking will be drawn up and posted on
The only categories are “men” and “women.” Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 men and top 10 women.

Each competitor expressly renounces the use of image rights during the race as well as renounces any recourse against the organization and its authorized partners, for the use made of his or her image.

Controllers along the course are empowered to check the required materials of any runner and monitor compliance with all regulations (respect for nature, ethics, illicit assistance and accompaniment, bib not visible in front, etc.). All competitors not found in possession, at the time of control on the route, of even a single item of their mandatory material will be immediately disqualified, without any possibility of appeal on this sanction. Irregularities established by means of video images received by the organization after the race may result in disqualification. The race jury may pronounce the disqualification of a competitor in the event of a serious breach of the rules, in particular:
– Failure to pass a checkpoint.
– Lack of part or all of the mandatory equipment.
– Use of a means of transportation.
– Departure from a checkpoint after the time barrier.
– Doping or refusal to submit to a doping control.
– Failure to assist another competitor in difficulty.
– Use of personal assistance outside the permitted points.
– Abandonment of one’s own material or waste along the route.
– Cheating: using a means of transportation, sharing or swapping bibs (in addition to disqualification, lifetime ban)
– Pollution or degradation of the site by a competitor or his/her crew member.
– Insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers (disqualification, plus lifetime ban).
– Refusal to be examined by an organization doctor at any time during the race.
– Course cuts

Voluntary registration and consequent participation in the race indicate full acceptance of these regulations and any amendments made. By registering, the participant exonerates the organizers from all liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her/them.

The timing service will be operated by ENDU.

Written complaints are accepted within 30 minutes of posting the provisional results, with a deposit of € 50.00.

The jury is composed of:
– the race director
– the safety coordinator
– the medical staff coordinator
– checkpoint coordinators
– all competent persons designated by the race director.
The jury is empowered to act in a timeframe compatible with the obligations of the race over all disputes or disqualifications occurring during the race. All decisions are final.