Regulation 2022

REGULATIONS - Sciacchetrail Aprile 2nd 2022 - 46 km 2600 mt elevation +

The association Polisportiva Cinque Terre (non-profit amateur sports association) organizes Sciacchetrail.

Trail running race along the paths of the Cinque Terre National Park with start and finish in the village of Monterosso al Mare.
Distance of approximately 47 km with elevation gain of 2,600 meters, start time 7:30 am April 2nd, 2022 (Saturday).
The race takes place in a single stage, with a time limit (10 hours).

5% EE (“expert excursionist”) classified trails, 5% asphalt/road, 90% trail.

Participation constitutes acceptance without reservation of the current regulations, race ethics and the “Trail Manifesto”

During the month of March 2022 all regulations relating to the Covid 19 pandemic will be specified regarding the management of refreshment stations, bib collection, pasta party and health certificates.
This regulation may be subject to change by virtue of the legal provisions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The race is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old at the time of registration, club members or not.
Entries will not be accepted by athletes who are serving suspensions for doping in any sport.

The race course includes challenging segments and conditions could be difficult. Mountaineering-type difficulty is not expected along the course, although brief segments are marked, by the CAI nomenclature, for “expert excursionists” (EE).  Proper training and a real capacity for personal autonomy are essential to the success of this individual test.

The race is limited to 300 participants, plus elite athletes invited by the organization.
The 3oo participants will be chosen through a lottery of pre-registered athletes.  The lottery participation fee is 1 Euro.

Athletes chosen through the lottery will be asked to complete their registration by providing the following information:

Citizens of the European Union: green pass (issued to those with vaccination certification, negative test within 48 hours or recovery from COVID-19)  – Citizens of non-European Union countries: vaccination certification (two doses of vaccine utilized in the EU member states) not more than 270 days prior and at least 14 days from having received second dose, or a certification of having received a single dose vaccine (Janssen/Johnson&Johnson) not more than 270 days prior and at least 14 days from having received the single dose.

Sports medical certificate for competitive activity (valid for athletics)  with expiration not prior to 2 April 2022. For foreigners not residents Italy, the module to complete can be downloaded here.

Achieve the minimum number of points required.

To be eligible for Sciacchetrail 2020, athletes must complete a qualifying trail race within the time limit, during the period 2018-2019-2020 (prior to 28th March 2020).  A qualifying trail race is one which allots at least 50 points.  The points are calculated as the sum of the kilometers and the altitude gain expressed in hundreds of meters.  For example, Sciacchetrail, with its 47km and 2600 meters of elevation gain, allots 73 points (47 + 26 = 73).  On the registration form each athlete must provide the qualifying race name, distance in km, elevation gain in meters and placement in the trail race which allots 50 or more points.

False statements will result in cancellation of your registration and the complete loss of the fee paid.

Link to Pre-registration:

Pre-registration opens on 25 October 2021 and closes on 3 November 2021.

The lottery will take place on 5 November 2021 live on our social media channels.  500 names will be extracted. The first 300 people will be asked to complete their registration within 5 days.

The remaining 200 names will be placed on a waiting list.

The 300 names extracted must complete their registration using the following link by 10 November 2021, providing the documentation indicated in the preceding point:

The registration fee is: 60€ + 10€ deposit for chip and GPS, which will be reimbursed once chip and GPS are returned after the race. The registration fee includes all services described in the regulations, race pack, post-race pasta party, assistance and aid station supplies along the course and transport, if necessary, to the closest village with a train station (the race organization will not cover railway ticket cost). At race bib pick-up, each athlete must leave a document as security deposit for the GPS tracker.  Loss or damage of the GPS tracker will incur a penalty of € 100,00 payable by the athlete upon withdrawl of the document.

The organization reserves the right to invite athletes without the required minimum points or in excess of the maximum number of participants. 

In the event of cancellation of the race due to factors beyond the control of the organization, 50% of the registration fee will be reimbursed.

A full refund of the registration fee is possible for cancellations by the athlete up until the maximum number of registered athletes is reached (300).

After the opening of the waiting list, refunds of 50% of the registration fee will be possible only in the case of injury  with the presentation of appropriate medical documentation.

Cancellations made within one week before the race, for any reason, are not entitled to a refund. 

No refunds will be given to athletes who register without the minimum number of points (50) and are unable to achieve 50 points prior to the race.

Substitutions of athletes is not permitted.

Race packet pick-up will take place in the exhibition hall on the ground floor of the Monterosso City Hall:
Friday, 1 Aprile 2022:
3:30pm – 6:00pm race bib and gift bag pick up
Saturday, 2 Aprile 2022:
5:30am – 6:30am race bib and gift bag pick up
We STRONGLY recommend that all athletes pick up their race packets on Friday, 1 Aprile 2022.
Each athlete must present the Covid-19 self-declaration linked here.
(Please print and fill out a copy of this document in advance to speed up the check-in process and to limit crowding).
Each athlete will be given a bracelet that must be worn always, and will be required to enter the starting line area and to utilize various services.
Race bibs are given individually to each participant upon presentation of a photo ID, or to a third party with a form of proxy written on the back of a photocopy of an ID of the delegating person. The race bib must be positioned on your chest or abdomen (and nowhere else) and must be visible for the entirety of the race.

Please note:
–  the chip and the gps will be given along with the race bib
–  failure to use or incorrect use of the chip will result in absence in ranking and timing. 
–  after receiving race bib and chip, check that numbers match
–  to use the chip, carefully follow instructions included in the package
–  the chip is personal and cannot be exchanged for another chip
–  the chip must be returned to staff in the arrival zone, also for athletes who did not start or DNF. Upon return of chip the 10 € deposit will be reimbursed
–  before the start all participants must pass through the entrance gate in the closed zone at the departure area to be registered
–  At the passage of a check point, each participant must be sure to be registered by staff. This is essential to ensure that no runners are missing.
–  In the case of a missed check point and subsequent search for a runner, all expenses incurred will be the responsability of the runner. The race bib is also a pass required to use shuttle buses, aid stations, changing rooms, and showers.

By registering, every runner commits to carrying all of the mandatory material listed below throughout the entire race. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or time penalty. Required materials will be checked at race bib pick-up. Random checks may be carried out during the race and immediately after crossing the finish line.
N.B. the area immediately next to the finish line will be cordoned off as a “closed zone”, and the athlete may be subject to control of material while in this zone.

– surgical mask or higher caliber mask  (NOT replaceable with a bandana, neckwarmer, etc.), to wear obligatorily from pre-departure until after the first 500 meters of the race, from the finish line until the exit from the arrival area, and at every aid station
– Backpack, vest or waistpack with capacity to hold required material listed below (disqualification)
– Telephone (enter the emergency number of the organization, do not block the number, and fully charge the battery) (disqualification)
– Minumum water reserve of 0.5 liter (30 minutes)
– Survival blanket (30 minutes)
– Whistle (10 minutes)
– in case of extreme weather conditions the race direction will communicate via e-mail two days before the race the obligation of goretex or similar jacket and 3/4 length or long pants
Strongly recommended: 

– warm clothing in case of cold
– Adhesive elastic band suitable for strapping or making a bandage (minimum 80 cm X 5 cm)
– container for drinking along the course
– cash for train ticket in case of suspension of the race
The use of poles is allowed.

I concorrenti dovranno presentarsi per la punzonatura dei pettorali presso lo stand dei cronometristi allestito in prossimità della linea di partenza,entro le ore:
– 7.00 (partenza ore 7.30)

Mascherina chirurgica o superiore (NON sostituibile con bandane, scaldacollo etc), da indossare obbligatoriamente dal pre-partenza fino ai primi 500 metri di gara,

Sul percorso saranno presenti addetti dell’organizzazione, personale del Soccorso Alpino e della Protezione Civile, un’ambulanza e un medico in zona partenza/arrivo, piu’ altre unita’ della protezione civile e ambulanze in accordo col piano della sicurezza. Lungo il tracciato saranno istituiti dei punti di controllo a sorpresa, dove addetti dell’organizzazione monitoreranno il passaggio degli atleti. Prima del via e all’ arrivo verranno effettuati controlli a sorpresa sul materiale obbligatorio,chi fosse sorpreso senza di esso verrà penalizzato.
Si richiede capacità di orientarsi e di sapersi gestire in montagna, anche in caso di cattive condizioni climatiche.
Ogni atleta ferito o in difficoltà, può chiamare i soccorsi:
– presentandosi ad un punto di controllo ufficiale
– chiamando il numero dell’organizzazione (scritto sul pettorale)
– chiedendo ad un altro atleta di avvisare i soccorsi
E’ doveroso e obbligatorio prestare assistenza a tutte le persone in difficoltà e se necessario avvisare i soccorsi. Nel caso in cui un concorrente abbia perso del tempo per soccorrere un altro concorrente ferito o in difficoltà, può richiedere alla Giuria di Gara la riduzione del tempo impiegato sulla classifica ufficiale.
Si rammenta ai concorrenti che nel caso ci fossero delle richieste di soccorso durante condizioni meteo avverse, l’elisoccorso potrebbe non essere in grado di volare e possono esserci dei tratti di percorso raggiungibili a piedi in almeno 45′.
Le eventuali spese derivanti dall’impiego di mezzi di soccorso sono a carico della persona soccorsa, come anche quelle per il suo ritorno dal luogo dove è stata ricoverata. Si consiglia di stipulare apposita polizza di assicurazione per la copertura soprattutto delle spese di soccorso e recupero in elicottero.
In caso di abbandono della corsa lungo il percorso, il concorrente è obbligato, appena ne avrà la possibilità, a recarsi al più vicino posto di controllo, comunicare il proprio abbandono facendosi registrare, comunicarlo via whatsapp o chiamando l’organizzazione al numero indicato sul pettorale e consegnare il pettorale. In caso di mancata comunicazione di un ritiro e del conseguente avvio delle ricerche del corridore, ogni spesa derivante verrà addebitata al corridore stesso.
Le condizioni possono essere molto difficili (vento, freddo, nebbia e pioggia), la temperatura può variare da + 20° gradi a  5° gradi. Pertanto è indispensabile una buona preparazione fisica, un accurato allenamento, una reale capacità d’autonomia personale, una conoscenza della montagna e la massima prudenza. E’ obbligatorio come indicato in fase di iscrizione aver già partecipato ad altri trail prima di questa gara.

Only participants who reach the finish line at Monterosso before the maximum time limit designated by the organization will be included in the final results and will receive a finisher medal. No monetary awards will be given. There will be rankings for men and women. Prizes for the first 10 men and 10 women.

The maximum time for the race, for the totality of the course, is fixed at 10 hours. The time limits for leaving the principle control posts will be defined and communicated in the Road Book. These time barriers are calculated time enable participants to reach the finish by the maximum time imposed, making stops for rest, refreshment, etc. To be authorized to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the fixed time limit, otherwise they will be disqualified and the race bib will be withdrawn. The competitor who wishes to continue without a race number assumes all responsibility for any consequences that might occur. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to terminate the race in progress, delay the departure, modify the course or change the time barriers. N.B. “the sweeps,” fully part of the race organization, have full power to stop an athlete at any time, even outside of time barriers.

La gara si svolge con assistenza idrico-alimentare.
I ristori saranno indicati nel piano della sicurezza e nella cartina del percorso, scaricabile a questo link.

Gli atleti dovranno buttare negli appositi contenitori messi a disposizione ai ristori, i rifiuti, i bicchieri, i gels, le barrette, etc.
Chiunque verrà sorpreso a gettare qualcosa al di fuori degli appositi contenitori verrà squalificato.
Il consueto Pasta Party verra’ organizzato nel tendone con le paratie laterali aperte e sara’ accessibile mostrando il bracciale rilasciato alla registrazione e il pettorale.

Il road book, nella sua edizione più aggiornata, sarà disponibile sul sito dell’organizzazione. I concorrenti sono invitati a scaricarlo e stamparlo. In esso vi saranno le informazioni pratiche come gli orari di chiusura dei posti di controllo, la descrizione del percorso, e le coordinate. Ogni aggiornamento del Road Book verrà pubblicata sul sito. Nessuna copia del road book sarà consegnata con i pettorali ai concorrenti.

Il percorso Sciacchetrail nei tratti ricompresi SVA (Corniglia-Vernazza-Monterosso) e sentiero 586 e’ previsto interdetto ai NON partecipanti alla gara il giorno 2 Aprile 2022.

Controllers along the course are entitled to check runners for obligatory materials and respect for all regulations (respect for the environment and race ethics, unlawful assistance and accompaniment, race bib not visible, etc…). Any participant, at any time along the course, found to lack any element of the mandatory materials, will be immediately disqualified without the possibility of appeal. Irregularities ascertained through video images received by the organization after the race will be subject to disqualification. The race jury may disqualify a participant in the event of a violation of the regulations, in particular:
– non-compliant placement of race bib
– exchange of race bib
– failure to pass a checkpoint
– lack of one or more items of mandatory materials
– use of means of transport
– departure from checkpoint after time barrier
– doping or refusal to submit to doping test
– lack of assistance to a fellow participant in difficulty
– use of personal assistance outside of permitted areas
– abandonment of materials or litter along the course
– accompaniment on the course by person not registered
– pollution or degradation of the area by participants or a member of their staff
– insults, rudeness or threats against members of the race organization or volunteers
– refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time during the race
– deviation from the course

Never throw away anything on the ground
Respect the flora and fauna of the Cinque Terre National Park.
Don’t cut out the route, because this causes a damaging erosion of the site
Prefer, for himself and his companions, the use of public transport or car pooling
The trailer that will be surprised to throw away trash along the route will be disqualified.

The organization reserves the right to modify, without notice, the race course and the location of aid stations. In the case of unfavorable weather conditions (heavy rain or snow, high risk of thunderstorms, etc…), the race start may be delayed; beyond a certain time limit, established by the race director, the race will be cancelled.

The organization takes out liability insurance for the entire period of the race. Participation is under the full responsibility of the participants, who waive the right for appeal against the organizers for damages and additional consequences that can occur during or following the race. When registering on-line for the race, the runner must sign a release of liability disclaimer.

On the registration, the competitors authorize the organization to freely use of any images depicting athletes during their participation, whether stationary or in movement, without territorial or time limits.

Voluntary registration and subsequent participation at the race indicate full acceptance of the race rules and any changes that they may have to undergo. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.

The timing service will be operated by ENDU.

Written complaints are accepted within 30 minutes of the posting of provisional results, with a deposit of € 50.00.

The jury is composed of:
– the race director
– the safety coordinator
– the medical staff coordinator
– checkpoint coordinators
– all competent persons designated by the race director.
The jury is empowered to act in a timeframe compatible with the obligations of the race over all disputes or disqualifications occurring during the race. All decisions are final.