Ringraziamento a La Sportiva.


 After five years, the Val di Fiemme-based company and Sciacchetrail are parting ways


(Manarola, ASD Cinque Terre – January 18th, 2022)

When we first began discussing the possibility of organizing a trail race in the Cinque Terre, we felt that it would be a unique event, unlike other races.

The DNA of Sciacchetrail was in the people and the companies that were with us from the very first minute.  

To believe in a mountain race that takes place on the sea is the result of an understanding by who, like La Sportiva, has made innovation their creed. 

The Delladio family placed a team of special people by our side, among them: Guido Milani alias the “Guru”, Luca Mich, and Francesco “Paco” Gentilucci.

This, for us, was the most meaningful support.

We are eternally grateful to this extraordinary company.

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Photo: Alice Russolo

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