SciaccheTrail® 2016: registration is open

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SciaccheTrail 2016: running, wine and community

Registration is now open for the ultra trail organized by ASD Cinque Terre with the contribution and patronage of the Cinque Terre National Park. The second edition of the 47 km race among the vineyards of the Cinque Terre, scheduled for 20 March 2016, was presented at the Sciacchetrà Festival organized by the Sciacchetrà Consortium, one of the supporters of the sporting event.

(Manarola, 26 September 2015) The occasion could not be more fitting for the opening of registration of the ultra trail which brings together all of the Cinque Terre, to the rhythm of trail running, drawing an imaginary line through vineyards, villages and sanctuaries. Sciacchetrail, in fact, is the union of two passions, one for the precious passito wine produced on terraces with dizzying slopes, and the other for trail running, a discipline that provides the opportunity to experience the particular characteristics of the territory: the difficult topography, steep slopes, kilometers and kilometers of trails and stairs built over centuries to reach the terraced land and its precious fruits.
A union, by way of a sport that in the Cinque Terre is practiced 365 days a year. The first edition of Sciacchetrail – explains Cinque Terre National Park Director Patrizio Scarpellini – was not only a major sporting event but also has given impetus and new life to ASD Cinque Terre, the organizer of the race, which now has representatives from all villages of the Park.

The similarities are many between the passito wine Sciacchetrà produced in small quantities with a long and complex process, and the Sciacchetrail course which will be the privilege for the few participants, 200 runners, and as always will focus on quality and true community, far beyond the Cinque Terre of postcards.

The launch video of Sciacchetrail 2016 goes in this direction

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