SciaccheTrail® 2016: waiting list

SciaccheTrail is in its second edition, and even though the success of the first had us hoping for a repeat this year, we did not expect to close registrations already in January. We have created a waiting list in the case of cancellations, but the list is now very long. We have had hundreds of requests to be inserted on the waiting list, and we would like to explain why we cannot increase the number of race bibs. Ensuring the safety of the runners in this harsh, fragile territory, protected as a National Park, requires that we limit the number of participants and depends also on the efforts of the local communities, institutions, and volunteers. During the race several trails on the course will be closed by ordinance to those without a race bib. Since the first edition we have adopted the philosophy of “quality not quantity”: we felt a responsibility to meet the expectations of those who, by choosing to run in a landscape designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, were looking forward to a profound experience, beyond the competitive aspect. Forgive us if we seem too strict in responding with a no to those who would still like to sign up. Our priority is to guarantee safety and to provide high quality hospitality through an incredible organizational effort in this complex territory with difficult terrain. We are committed to always doing better by remaining faithful to the values we believe in, without ever taking on more than we can handle.

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