Sciacchetrail® 2016: Sally McRae is part of the team Consorzio InManarola

A sense of community, identity, passion for sport, a closeness between our tiny villages and geographically remote cultures, getting involved and working together, experiencing the region, the possibilities that come from hard work and competition, and the satisfaction of finishing, the joy of a sport in the midst of our villages and the surrounding trails.
For this and more, the Tourism Consortium inManarola chose to sponsor the event Sciacchetrail, allowing the participation of our Californian athlete Sally McRae (by now we consider her one of us). With Sally we immediately felt an understanding, she understood and appreciated our community, the values of our villages, those common to the CinqueTerre, the bond that we have with our land and that we carry with us and like to transmit. The affinity between the people of the CinquTerre and Americans is something immediate, the friendship is spontaneous, amazing, and something unexpected.
Sally, we are waiting for you.
Have a good flight and great Sciacchetrail!

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