Sciacchetrail® 2017: the date, opening of registration, and other news

Date: 2 April 2017


Opening of Registration: September 2016


Other News:

Registration is limited to 300 athletes.


To qualify for entry athletes must meet this criteria:


Achieve the minimum number of points required.

To be eligible for Sciacchetrail 2017, athletes must complete a qualifying race within the time limit, during the period 2015-2016.  A qualifying race is one which allots at least 50 points.  The points are calculated as the sum of the kilometers and the altitude gain expressed in hundreds of meters.  For example, Sciacchetrail, with its 47km and 2600 meters of elevation gain, allots 73 points (47 + 26 = 73).  On the registration form each athlete must provide the qualifying race name, distance in km, elevation gain in meters and placement in the race which allots 50 or more points

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