Sciacchetrail® edition IV: Georg Piazza king of Monterosso, Gallagher gran finale

Georg Piazza king of Monterosso, Clare Gallagher gran finale.  After a hard-fought battle with Luca Carrara it was Georg Piazza who triumphed at Sciacchetrail 2018, while Clare Gallagher pulled away from fellow American Amanda Basham on the descent in Manarola and kept the lead to the finish.
Sciacchetrail edition IV

With spring around the corner, temperatures were just right for a perfect morning of running in the Cinque Terre. The scenery was as always pure poetry with panoramic views, wine cellars, vineyards and mythical places in this celebrated corner of Liguria.

 At 7:30 on the start line at the seaside in Monterosso, nearly 300 lucky possessors of a race bib lined up to take on the 49 km with 2300 meters of positive elevation gain.
The men’s favorites went out fast with Luca Carrara of Bergamo in the lead at Punta Mesco, km 3, chased by South Tyrolean Georg Piazza (Gherdeina Runners), and Francesco Trenti of Atletica Clarina Trentino.
The compact trio of Carrara, Piazza and Trenti passed together at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio, with American Leonard Strnad in 4th just 2 minutes back.
Strnad took over the lead and passed in first place at Colle del Telegrafo (KM 27), with the former lead trio right on his heels just 30 seconds behind.
There was a jolt in the race between Riomaggiore and Manarola where Piazza and Carrara recaptured the lead and opened a small gap on the rest of the field, then Piazza attempted to extend the gap on the climb to Volastra, where only Carrara remained in his wake.
At the finish line in Monterosso Georg Piazza arrived in perfect solitude, in a time of 4:33:43 which gave him the win at SciaccheTrail 2018.  His Italian National Trail Team companion Luca Carrara finished in second just over two minutes back in 4:36:01 and completing the podium was Leonard “Lenny” Strnad who held on to 3rd in 4:47:12. Surprises and upsets in the top 10 as Trenti faded to 7th after his fast start, and great performances by Paolo Piano for 4th and Nicolas Statti in fifth, over 6th place Filippo Canetta.
On the women’s side, it was a 2-person race from the start with Clare Gallagher taking a commanding lead and compatriot Amanda Basham pursuing. The duo ran together until Telegrafo, where Basham lost ground on the descent. For Gallagher there were no more challengers, with a safe victory in 5:15:23. Basham 2nd in 5:24:19, 3rd Gitti Schiebel in 6:01:0.
Positive feedback for the 4th edition, the charm of the Cinque Terre remains unaltered and the connection between trail running and the territory continues to grow, making Sciacchetrail an event not to miss. For the runners and the public, the presence of outdoor icon Anton Krupicka along the course and at the finish was a great surprise.
Photo credit: Luca & Matteo Coluccia
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Men & TOP3 Women:
  1. George Piazza 4:33:42
  2. Luca Carrara 4:36:01
  3. Lenny Strnad 4:47:12
  4. Paolo Piano 4:51:12
  5. Nicolas Statti 4:55:53
  6. Filippo Canetta 4:56:42
  7. Francesco Trenti 4:57:44
  8. Giovanni Paris 4:58:02
  9. Jimmy Pellegrini 5:03:48
  10. Enrico De Ferrari 5:05:29


  1. Clare Gallagher 5:15:23
  2. Amanda Basham 5:24:19
  3. Gitti Schiebel 6:01:04
  4. Katharina Hallweger  6:09:16
  5. Elisabetta Lenotti  6:15:42
  6. Danila Alessandra Barone  6:24:04
  7. Chiara Boggio  6:25:34
  8. Giulia Alberti  6:31:48
  9. Maggie Dempsey  6:48:26
  10. Giulia Gallo 6:49:12


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