Sciacchetrail®: Community Raffle 2019

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The community raffle is back, organized by Sciacchetrail, the 47km ultra trail on the trails through the villages, vineyards, and hillsides of the Cinque Terre.

The prizes to be won, which will support the events surrounding the race scheduled for SATURDAY 6 APRIL 2019, in Monterosso al Mare, are all dedicated to wine, sport and tasting experiences of the Cinque Terre.

The tickets, at 5 euro each, are for sale at the following businesses: Alimentari Claudia Manarola, Enoteca Acronia La Spezia, Ottica Ciavolino La Spezia, Cinque Terre Trekking gear shop Manarola, Bar Enrica Manarola, Negozio MG Corniglia, Enoteca Luisa Landi Monterosso, Gelateria Stalin Vernazza, Cantine Litan Riomaggiore (updated list).


1°           prize:  Selection of  5 bottles of Sciacchetra’ (various producers)
2°           prize:  Selection di 3 bottles of Sciacchetra’ (various producers)
3°           prize:  LA SPORTIVA women’s garment;
4°           prize:  LA SPORTIVA men’s garment;
5°          prize:   LA SPORTIVA Trail Running shoes (Ultra Raptor) offered by CINQUE TERRE TREKKING;
6°          prize:   Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA CROVARA;
7°           prize: Package of three bottles of Doc wine  CANTINA LITAN;
8°           prize: Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA MAGNATI;
9°           prize:  Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA BURASCA;
10°         prize:  Package of three bottles of Doc wine COOPERATIVA AGRICOLTURA 5 TERRE ;
11°         prize: Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA ASCIA’;

12°         prize: Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA POSSA;

13°         prize: Package of three bottles of Doc wine CANTINA FORLINI CAPPELLINI;
14°         prize: Wine Tasting at Riomaggiore CANTINA POSSA;

15°         prize: Wine Tasting at Monterosso ENOTECA LUISA LANDI  for 2 people;
16°         prize: Wine Tasting at Vernazza with VERNAZZA WINE EXPERIENCE for 2 people;
17°         prize: Wine Tasting at Corniglia with Km. ZERO for 2 people;

18°         prize: Wine Tasting at Manarola with PIE’ de  CAMPU (ACRONIA) for 2 people;
19°         prize: Wine Tasting  CANTINA SASSARINI;
20°        prize: Wine Tasting CANTINA BURASCA;

21°        prize: Wine Tasting Coop AGRICOLTURA 5 TERRE;

The aforementioned prizes cannot be exhibited during the extraction for logistical reasons, but will be kept during the entire period of the event at the headquarters of the A.S.D. Polisportiva 5 Terre.


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