Sciacchetrail on Trail Forks

The outdoor platform Trail Forks will have a space on the Sciacchetrail website.

(Asd Polisportiva 5 Terre –  05 January 2023)

Trail Forks originated in the USA as a trail management tool for outdoor enthusiasts.  The crowd-sourced database is used to catalog, maintain and promote trail networks, and to help users plan and share their experiences.

On the Cinque Terre section of Trail Forks you will find routes that give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the real Cinque Terre.

The local trails will take you through vineyards, olive groves, medieval villages, and woods, alongside ancient cableways and prehistoric megaliths.

Here men and women have transformed the hostile landscape into agricultural land to make the five coastal villages and their hillside hamlets livable. Identity, passion and tradition that have made this territory known throughout the world.

A link to the vast Cinque Terre trail network can be found HERE.

Cinque Terre on

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