Sciacchetrail® & Winemakers (part 2) – Cantina Crovara

Sciacchetrail is possible thanks to previous generations who transformed the landscape and built the trail network, and the current generation of winemakers who preserve the terraced hillsides.

We are grateful for our partnership with the “Associazione Viticoltori Comune di Riomaggiore”, and we’d like to introduce you to its members over the next few weeks.

Alessandro Crovara, Cantina Crovara

Founded in 2008, in its first harvest Cantina Crovara produced 600 bottles of Cinque Terre DOC wine. Over the next ten years, Alessandro acquired several plots of abandoned land, which he cleared and planted with new grapevines. He has also become the custodian of several cultivated vineyards whose owners were no longer able to continue with the laborious work of maintaining them. These vineyards, along with those that have been in his family for generations, now produce 5000 bottles of Cinque Terre DOC and a few liters of Sciacchetrà.










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