Sciacchetrail® & Winemakers (Part 3) – Cantina Tobioli

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Sciacchetrail is possible thanks to previous generations who transformed the landscape and built the trail network, and the current generation of winemakers who preserve the terraced hillsides.

We are grateful for our partnership with the “Associazione Viticoltori Comune di Riomaggiore”, and we’d like to introduce you to its members over the next few weeks.

Fabio and Bernardo, Cantina dei Tobioli
Since 2006, #Cantina dei tobioli has been producing Cinque Terre DOC wine in their small cellar located in Manarola. Grapes from the ancient vines of their family’s historic vineyards are also used to produce a skin-contact cru Costa de Campu.
The Cantina dei Tobioli wine labels were designed by artist Andre’ Leuba’. 

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