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The denomination Cinque Terre DOC was granted in 1973 to wines produced in specific zones of the municipalities of Riomaggiore (including Manarola), Vernazza (including Corniglia) and Monterosso, and that same year the Cantina Sociale Agricultural Cooperative Cinque Terre was founded and became the first producer of Cinque Terre DOC wine.

In 1982 the Cantina Sociale opened its modern winery in Groppo, where it is still located today.

The Cantina purchases grapes from local farmers, and produces a variety of Cinque Terre DOC wines, including Sciacchetrà.

The Cantina Sociale offers wine tastings and in addition to wines, sells a selection of local products.

Thank you Cantina Cinque Terre for this fifth year of Sciacchetrail sponsorship.

Wine from the Cantina will be in runner’s gift bags and at the pasta party, and the Groppo aid station at km 33 is at the winery and organized by the Cantina. 










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