SciaccheTrail®365: 35th International Music Festival of Cinque Terre: poetry becomes music

From 18th July to 2nd September, César Franck Association Parco Letterario E.Montale present the music kermess in the historical places of Cinque Terre

(Riomaggiore, 23 June 2016) – The César Franck Music Association is glad to present the 35th International Music Festival of Cinque Terre, organized in collaboration with the Parco Letterario Eugenio Montale, the Parco delle Cinque Terre and the Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo del Talento e della Plusdotazione – AISTAP (Italian Association for the Development of the Talent and of the plus-talented people).

Thanks to these collaborations, this year our Association – which has been always committed in the safeguard and enhancement of the musical and historical goods of our territory – opens its program to the literary dimension and to the searching for young music talents.

Over many years the Festival invited artists of international importance to perform in the Cinque Terre, and it especially drew the public’s and the media’s attention to the invaluable artistic and cultural heritage represented by the ancient pipe organs kept in spiritual places of great charm and beauty.

Again this year, the recitals of famous pipe organ players, with the historical musical instruments of St. John the Baptist in Riomaggiore, of the Soviore Sanctuary and of St. Peter in Corniglia, will enhance our festival.

The collaboration with the Cinque Terre National Park also encouraged the creation of a joint project as a tribute to Eugenio Montale, the poet who could describe the beauties of our land better than any others.

Montale loved Impressionism in music, especially Claude Debussy, so that he stated that music – especially that of the French composer – helped him discover poetry.

In the enchanting framework of the Sailing Club in Monterosso, under the statue of the Giant, in a place deeply bound with the Ligurian Nobel and in the silence of the Soviore Sanctuary, the musicians Lautaro Acosta, Gilbert Impérial and André Gallo will lead us to the Paris of Debussy, Satie, Ravel and Poulenc, to discover the music he drew inspiration from.

In the frame of a constant commitment aimed at making young people get closer to music, the Association, together with AISTAP and European Talent Support Network selected three great Italian talents such as André Gallo, Michelle Candotti and Alberto Dalgo. With their music and energy they will enrich this Festival’s edition, as well as the voice of Emily Klassen, of Gianluca Campi’s accordion and the journey into the Mediterranean sacred music together with the Ensemble Baroque Graffiti.

In conclusion, thanks to all of those who have supported our work in the course of time and placed their trust in our work this year too. Thanks to the public, whose presence will contribute to make the Festival a unique event.

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