The Cinque Terre 5 Lands of Wine: honorable mention at Wine Spectator Video Contest

The Cinque Terre of wine, which have determined a unique landscape, in the images and words of Christine Godfrey and Yvonne Riccodaldi conquers the States.

(Cinque Terre National Park, September 24th 2021)

An honorable mention for “Most Dramatic Scenery”, in the prestigious video contest by one of the most authoritative American magazines in the sector, went to “The Cinque Terre: 5 Lands of Wine”, in which sommelier Yvonne Riccobaldi recounts along with the magnetic suggestion of images of Christine Godfrey and Nicola Bordoni, all “Manarolesi” by birth or adoption, the indissoluble link between identity, viticulture and nature, in an extreme and vertical territory designed by thousands of terraces overlooking the sea.

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